“Abstracted Me” is more than just a passion project for me. The name itself represents the beauty and uniqueness that lies within each of us. We are all incredibly diverse, with layers and complexities that cannot be fully captured in words. We attempt to understand ourselves, but often fall short. It takes years, perhaps a lifetime, to truly know oneself. And just when we think we have figured ourselves out, we undergo transformations, becoming different versions of who we once were. Human beings are fascinating contradictions, embodying simplicity and complexity simultaneously. We possess both optimism and cynicism, beauty intertwined with scars, introversion coexisting with moments of extroversion. I have personally undergone a metamorphosis, witnessing my growth and evolution. However, amidst the transformation, there are constants that anchor me: my dedication to medicine and the unwavering support of my family. They serve as my guiding stars, providing a sense of direction and purpose.

Creating art has been a transformative and expressive journey for me. Through my art, I have discovered a powerful outlet to express my emotions, thoughts, and moods. As an artist, I gravitate towards abstract expressionism and geometric abstraction, allowing me to explore the depths of my inner world and convey complex ideas in a visual form. As a mixed medium painter, I primarily work with acrylics. I find the versatility and fast-drying nature of acrylic paints to be perfect for my artistic process. They allow me to experiment, layer, and build texture, enabling me to create depth and dimension in my artworks. I also enjoy incorporating various mixed media elements, such as collage materials or texture mediums, to add further visual interest and complexity to my pieces. One of the fascinating aspects of art is its subjective nature and the ability of each viewer to interpret it in their own unique way. As an artist, it brings me great joy to see how people perceive and connect with my art, often discovering different forms and meanings within each canvas.